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From June 2001
My daughter is only 7.5 years old and has started to develop her left breast. Is this too young and should I be concerned? Is it normal for one breast to develop before another and how long before the other catches up?

From 4/2/01
Question: Many people talk of vaginal dryness in older women only especially those going through menopause. What about young women that suffer from vaginal dryness?

From 11/24/00
Question: What could be the cause of blood in the semen? I have no problem urinating and no pain with ejaculation.

From 9/25/00
Question: I am a 28 years of age and didn't start my period until I was 20. It has been one year since I have had a period. Is this normal? If not, do you have any thoughts on the most likely cause of this?

From 7/17/00
Question: Does a testicular lump always mean cancer is present? What are other possible causes for the lump? It is pea sized and causes no pain.

From 6/12/00
Question: "What could be causing enlarged ducts and discharge of an orange colored liquid from the nipple in a 27 year old woman?"

From 3/25/00
Question: "I'm a 48 year old man who recently had a colonoscopy. My Father was diagnosed with colon cancer a few years ago and my family doctor thought I should be checked out too. The gastroenterologist found and removed a polyp from my colon. What exactly is a polyp and what can I do to prevent them?"

From 1/3/00
Question: My daughter will turn nine in December. She has begun to grow pubic hair. What is the approximate time frame in which I should expect her to start her period? Is it as unusual as it seems to be maturing at this age?

From 9/18/99
Question: "If someone has been treated for cancer in one breast and develops calcifications in the other breast, do they have a greater chance of having breast cancer?"

From 8/9/99
"Generally speaking, what would cause a bloody discharge from the nipple of only one breast in a healthy woman?"

From 6/26/99
"Can lower back pain contribute to a mid/upper back pain"

From 4/17/99
"I am 38 years old and haven't a cycle in three months. I know I'm not pregnant, but I am worried about what's wrong".

From 3/15/99
"What do you do if you have been diagnosed to have a "fatty liver?" I am not an alcoholic and have never abused alcohol. I have increased levels of serum ferritin in the blood and serum folate as well. I have had attacks of gout in the past which I ascribe to large intake of red meat and offal's."

From: 2/8/99
"How can I successfully cope with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and its’ associated constipation?"

From: 1/4/99
"I hear a lot about anti-oxidants and get the feeling I should be taking them even though I'm a fairly healthy woman in my upper 40's. What are anti-oxidants and what do they do? I would appreciate any suggestions as to exactly what I should be taking, also. Thank you."

From: 11/23/98
"I'm a 26 year old male with a family history of prostate cancer. At what I age should I start being checked for this?"

From: 10/26/98
"I am a 51 year old woman that has been experiencing some of the symptoms of perimenopause. Are there any natural products that women like me can use from the health food store to help with hot flashes, night sweats etc. I really would prefer not to get started on Premarin. I have also understood that if I do not have a history of heart disease or cancer in my family and that if my menopause symptoms are not too hard to handle that it would be safe to take something natural. What do you think?"

From: 9/28/98
"I have a real problem getting my children to wash their hands regularly. Since they both seem to trust the information they read more than what I tell them, could you please publish some good reasons to wash up?"

From: 8/17/98
"Are the new high-protein diets the latest answer to weight loss or just another fad?"

From: 7/6/98
"I understand the Food and Drug Administration has approved a new "lubricant", Hyaluronan, for direct injection into the knee joint for people with pain due to osteoarthritis. As someone who can not tolerate anti-inflammatory medications by mouth because of stomach problems I am interested in Hyaluronan. My personal doctor does not know much about it yet. Who should try this approach? Does it work? Is it costly? Do very many insurance's pay for it yet? How long do the effects seem to last? I'm interested in seeing any type of specialist who has been having good luck with this product."

From: 6/15/98
Is ginkgo biloba a memory booster?

From: 5/18/98
I have been told I have a hernia. What exactly is it and what causes it?

From: 4/20/98
  What are breast calcifications? Can they be caused by a needle being inserted into a breast lump to withdraw fluid? Can calcifications signal a breast lump malignancy? Should calcifications be treated or surgically removed? I am scheduled to go in for a needle biopsy and I don't think it is really necessary. I have no history of breast cancer in my family and I do have breast fibroids. The calcifications showed up in a breast that had a needle inserted to drain fluid from a lump in 1994.

From: 3/23/98
I've gotten a lot of questions about a supplement, creatine, which is available over the counter. Many people, most of whom are not professional athletes, have the mistaken impression that this substance can substantially improve athletic performance. As with so many things in life, the hype does not hold up under close scrutiny.

From: 2/23/98
"I frequently get mixed answers when inquiring about the appropriate use of heat or ice in the treatment of injuries. Please help shed a little light on this subject."

From: 2/9/98
"About a year ago I was diagnosed with esophageal reflux. The symptoms are quite bothersome if I don't take medicine every day. The pills are all very expensive and I worry about long-term side effects. Are there any other alternatives?"

From: 1/26/98
"Please give me an update on the current options available for treating baldness in men?"

From: 1/12/98
"I was diagnosed with high blood pressure last November, (1996). I am taking a prescribed medication. My question? Why do I have high blood pressure? I am female, 4 foot-9 inches tall, weigh 125 lbs., exercise regularly, and don't understand why? I do smoke and drink moderately. High blood pressure does run in my family, but everyone is overweight and I assumed that is the reason they have high blood pressure".

Question: "
I am a 37 y.o. female. In the last few months (aprx 6) I have been having cycles two and three times a month. I know this is not normal but I do not want to go on birth control pills just to regulate myself. What are my other options if I plan on no more children".

From: 12/1/97
"Is there reliable research regarding glucosamine complex and osteoarthritis? What are the side effects of this supplement, if any? If it has been found effective, what is the suggested dosage and how long does it take to become effective?"

From 11/17/97:
"Does exercise influence flexibility in the elderly?"

From 10/20/97:
I know that there has been much research done on children with learning disorders. Have there also been studies about adults with these same problems. I have always had difficulty with concentration, and with understanding and being able to respond quickly to things I hear. Doctors always tell me I must be suffering from anxiety or depression or some other malady. Isn't it possible that I could have a processing disorder or other learning disorder? Where can I go to be helped with this problem.

From 10/4/97:
"I'm a bit confused about the withdrawal of Redux and Pondimin from the market recently. I'm very overweight, but have been able to lose about 35 pounds this year by watching my diet, exercising, and taking "Phen-Fen". I feel good about the progress I have made and have seen a definite reduction in my blood pressure and cholesterol levels". Are there any diet pills that are less likely to cause the heart valve problem?"

From: 9/15/97
"I'm in my early 30's and have developed a problem with armpit odor since my last son was born 3 years ago. I have found no product that controls this odor very well and it's embarrassing. I have also developed excess hair growth on my chin, chest, and lower abdomen during this same time. Any thoughts?"

From: 8/18/97
My father was recently diagnosed with colon polyps. These were not cancer, but his doctor recommended that all the offspring should be checked for these too. I'm 38 years old. At what age should I start doing this and exactly what test's should I be doing?

From 7/28/97
I am well over 30% heavier than I should be and have been prescribed the new drug "Redux". I've been listening to all the news studies about Fen-Phen and wondered if Redux was in this same class. My doctor says the drug is safe WITH exercise because with exercise you'll know if your heart is being affected by the drug. So what happens if I don't exercise? And if there's any chance this drug could affect my heart with or without exercise, wouldn't I just be better off exercising and watching my diet?

From 7/7/97
I have several questions about calcium. What is the best form of calcium supplement to take? What other minerals should I take with my calcium (Magnesium, Vitamin D, Zinc, etc)? Should men take calcium supplements also?

From 6/23/97
I would like to know more about lumps in the breasts of young boys. What are the statistics? What should parents look for? My grandson has developed one in each breast; his doctor is aware. We would appreciate any information. Thanks.

From 6/9/97
"Is there a 'best' dose of aspirin to take for the prevention of heart attacks? At what age should one start taking aspirin for this."

From: 5/5/97
I'd like some information about Cat-scratch Disease please. We have a new kitten in the family and my Mom was worried that my children are at risk for this illness. Should I be concerned enough to give the cat away?

"I'm interested in taking DHEA supplements. I'm a guy in my early 40's and would like to improve my energy, sexual vitality and mental clarity. I realize that most of the claims about the benefits of this drug are being made by the same people who will profit by selling it to me. Can you give me an unbiased medical opinion about DHEA?"

From: 3/10/97
My son was recently hit in the head during a football game. What are some of the things to look for in order to recognize a concussion?

From: 2/3/97
Question: A family member was recently diagnosed with "Melanoma". How serious is this and am I at risk for cancer too?

From: 1/13/97
Question: Are antibiotics of any use in treating a "cold"?

From: 12/23/96
Question: I seem to have a problem with bad breath. What are the causes and what can I do to get rid of it? Do those "internal breath fresheners" really work?

From: 12/9/96
Question: I've read somewhere that grapefruit juice has an effect on certain medications. If true, what kind of effect does it have?

From: 11/18/96
Question: "I'm aware that secondhand smoke increases the likelihood of lung problems, but is there any evidence that it causes heart disease too?"

From: 11/11/96
Question: "I'm trying very hard to lose weight by exercising more and watching what I eat. The weight is slowly coming off at about a pound a week. What can I do to speed this up? Which is more important, exercise or diet?"

From: 10/26/96
Question: I've read that there is a natural form of Estrogen available. Is this a safe and effective form of therapy for hormone replacement after menopause?

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