Corporate Programs

Stress and the Workplace

The incidence and cost of stress-related health problems and conditions is skyrocketing. According to Fortune Magazine, stress-related illnesses cost American businesses well over $150 billion annually.

Deadlines, phones, extended periods of sitting, consistent use of computers and a general stressful environment all contribute to the wearing down of an individual's creativity and physical body. Our muscles stay tight and tense thus making work days less productive.

Under these fast paced, time pressure conditions, to work at your best you have to feel your best. A relaxed person whose mind is free to think clearly is at their best. Implementing on-site stress reduction and fitness programs result in:

  • Improved mental clarity
  • Relief of current stress and tension
  • Increased energy Improved work performance and efficiency
  • Bonding of employee with company.

Possible Solutions include offering employees avenues to relieve stress and improve overall health and fitness. Balanced Concepts in Health offers a variety of wellness-oriented programs and services that may be presented at your company location. These include:

I. On-Site Massage

On-Site Massage is a 12-15 minute massage to muscles of the neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back performed at your work location. Employees receiving the massage sit comfortably, fully clothed, in a specifically designed portable massage chair. A licensed massage therapist, using a variety of techniques, eases tension by assisting key muscle groups to relax. No lotions or oils are used.

II. Tai Chi Chuan

Focusing on connecting the body, mind and spirit, Tai Chi Chuan may also be used in a corporate setting to effectively reduce stress. Group and individualized classes are available during or after the workday. Introductory classes are held once per week for a series of 6 weeks. Frequently, companies offer this service to employees as part of a stress management expense or fitness program.

III. Group Fitness Classes

Group exercise classes are convenient stress reducers that improve mental sharpness. Classes can be held during the lunch hour or after work. We offer:

  • Step & Low Impact Aerobics
  • Stretching and Conditioning
  • Strength Training
  • Box Aerobics

IV. Other Corporate Programs

Individual fitness assessments and presentations on nutrition, exercise, stress management and other health related topics are also available and may be tailored to your individual or corporate needs.