Alpilean: Review the Latest Research

Weight loss supplements have been domineering in the alternative medicine scene for several decades. While legitimate weight loss pills can be life-changing and provide consumers with a laundry list of health and wellness benefits, scams are still common in the sector. A proper weight loss supplement needs to come complete with scientific research, a transparent ingredient list, and a reputable manufacturer.

Some weight loss supplements make crazy claims about how effective their formula can be. Others provide opaque or vague ingredient lists, hiding some of their supplements’ key components behind confusing terms like “proprietary blend.” The best supplements will always be upfront and honest about the ingredients they use in their formula.

We understand that consumers rely on trustworthiness when they work to improve themselves using supplements. Getting scammed is tough and gives the entire weight loss supplement industry a bad name. This is why we’ve created a series of guides and reviews to help assess some of the major claims being made by industry-leading supplement manufacturers. In other words, we research the biggest products in the game to make sure that our readers are as informed as possible before making a purchase.

Alpilean is one relatively new weight loss formula. Created as a cooperative venture between entrepreneur Zach Miller and medical doctor Matthew Gibbs, the product has already made inroads among many of the most prominent reviewers in the space. We’ve dug through the available evidence to create this guide to Alpilean []. Can Alpilean make good on its promise to help users lose several pounds in just a few weeks? Or is it one of hundreds of supplement scams plaguing the industry?

To provide the most comprehensive review possible for this supplement, we’ve broken our guide into several categories. In this review, we’ll cover the ingredients, the scientific justification, and the company reputation underscoring this fascinating new product. Hopefully, consumers who read our guide will walk away with a solid understanding of the realities behind both Alpilean and the company producing it.

As always, we recommend using our supplement guide as the foundation for your research but encourage you to continue your investigation using additional sources. Speaking to your doctor before trying any new supplement is also an important part of staying safe while trying to improve your health using natural formulas.

What is Alpilean?

To answer this question, we’ll first turn to the official product website for Alpilean. What do its producers have to say about the supplement they’ve created? According to creators Dr. Matthew Gibbs and Zach Miller, Alpilean uses only six natural ingredients to activate a unique “ice hack” capable of eradicating fat and sculpting the body. Alpilean actually goes one step further than some other weight loss supplements. Its creators actually claim that Alpilean can help you lose weight – even without diet and exercise changes. We’re normally skeptical about this claim, but we put our biases aside to hear these innovators out.

The supplement’s producers claim that Alpilean helps consumers to activate their metabolism using a little-known secret. In fact, the official product website goes as far as to say that the product is “one of the only products in the world” that combines the ingredients necessary to “optimize low inner body temperature.” Low body temperature, as the product website points out, has been identified as one of several major causes of otherwise unexplainable weight gain.

Scientifically, many of these claims seem fundamentally true. We do know that low core body temperature can kill weight loss progress, so it seems natural that a product capable of optimizing inner core body temperature would be a unique tool for people who want to shed stubborn fat and improve confidence in their bodies.

We won’t spend too much time discussing ingredients in this section; we’ve dedicated an entire subsection of this guide to Alpilean’s ingredient list. However, it’s worth noting that one of the major sales pitches on the Alpilean website is the claim that the supplement uses only six natural ingredients. That’s right – we’ve verified that this product has a limited and extremely transparent ingredient list. For consumers who are concerned about introducing foreign ingredients into their bodies, it’s encouraging to see a supplement that uses only 100% natural ingredients in their formula.

In addition to the two people we’ve already mentioned, the production team behind each bottle of Alpilean includes a number of notable figures. We’ll take some time to introduce you to all the people whose minds created Alpilean later, but consumers skimming this section of our review should know that the list includes at least two professors and two medical doctors.

As is the case with many supplements in the weight loss sector, Alpilean offers a number of benefits outside of weight loss. Because weight loss can lead to anti-aging effects, improved energy levels, and better sleep, these ancillary benefits are naturally associated with Alpilean. This particular supplement, however, also works by improving core body temperature, which can lead to a more restful sleep and contribute to a number of additional benefits to mood and disposition.

Overall, Alpilean markets itself as a revolutionary weight loss supplement that targets fat by optimizing core body temperature. Its ingredient list is simple but contains several scientifically backed compounds, and the company appears to employ a number of high-profile medical professionals to help improve the quality and scientific approach of their formula.

Alpilean Ingredients

At the end of the day, the ingredient list should be the most important factor when evaluating a new supplement. All the fancy marketing in the world cannot replace a transparent list of high-quality and natural ingredients. Without a solid ingredient list, we wouldn’t even be able to write our reviews. After all, ingredients give us the basic information necessary to comb through scientific research and make judgements about effectiveness and clinical support.

Luckily, the official product website for Alpilean gives us a lot to work with. Unlike some shadier supplement manufacturers, the people behind Alpilean put their ingredient list in full view for everyone to see. Instead of hiding a ton of unnatural additives behind a ‘proprietary blend,’ they decided to give readers a clear and concise list of the six main ingredients found in every capsule of their new weight loss formula.

In this section, we’ll break down these key ingredients, evaluating their function, as well as their place in the larger fat-targeting strategy used by Alpilean.

Here are the main ingredients found in weight-loss supplement Alpilean:


Golden Algae

Golden Algae has been one of the best-kept secrets in the weight loss sector for quite some time. An all-natural ingredient found in bodies of freshwater, Golden Algae presents several potential benefits to people who are looking to burn some extra fat and improve their health. According to the official product website for Alpilean, Golden Algae (fucoxanthin) helps to improve core body temperature, maximize brain health and liver function, and support strength in the bones. You don’t have to take their word for it, either; several scientific studies have supported the claim that Golden Algae can improve core body temperature.

Dika Nut

Also known as African Mango Seed, Dika Nut is another all-natural ingredient scientifically shown to help maximize core body temperature. This particular supplement ingredient also offers another benefit that is relatively unique. By taking a healthy dose of Dika Nut each day, consumers can improve their digestion process and fight bloating – a core cause of ‘beer belly.’ Additionally, Dika Nut has been shown by some scientific studies to help contribute to healthy cholesterol. This is great news for aging consumers, as digestion problems and cholesterol issues are hallmarks of the aging process.

Drumstick Tree Leaf

In addition to targeting core body temperature, this ingredient provides two important benefits to consumers. First, Drumstick Tree Leaf has been used for decades for its antioxidant effects. We shouldn’t have to explain why antioxidants are so important; most supplement consumers already know why it’s essential to develop a diet high in antioxidants. The most unique benefit offered by Drumstick Tree Leaf is its contribution to healthy blood sugar. Because consumers with weight-related problems often also suffer from high blood sugar, it’s great to see the appearance of Drumstick Tree Leaf in Alpilean’s weight loss formula.

Bigarade Orange

At this point in our guide, it goes without saying that this supplement ingredient is effective at targeting inner temperature. Scientific studies have proven on multiple occasions that taking a healthy dosage of Bigarade Orange can help to regulate inner body temperature, which can lead to rapid weight loss. But, like most of the ingredients on this list, Bigarade Orange brings more to the table than its core body temperature benefits. This ingredient also might reduce oxidative stress, which is good for both the body’s general health and weight loss efforts. Finally, a good dose of Bigarade Orange each morning can improve immunity – yet another great benefit for people of all ages who are looking to lose weight while also staying healthy.

Ginger Rhizome

Ginger has been a staple of the weight loss supplement sector for as long as we’ve been writing about the scene. And there's a good reason for this! Ginger can improve core body temperature, but it also offers a laundry list of additional benefits. In fact, we suspect that Alpilean was forced to omit some of the major benefits of Ginger Rhizome to conserve space. The official website highlights two main benefits: tooth and gum health and muscle strength. By taking Ginger Rhizome each day, consumers of all ages and health conditions should experience regulated body temperature, healthier muscles, and healthier mouths.

Turmeric Rhizome

Like Ginger, this supplement ingredient is no newbie in the weight loss formula sector. It targets inner temperature to supercharge the weight loss process, but a good dose of Turmeric can do so much more. Two main benefits of turmeric include its ability to create healthier skin and its tendency to improve the overall health of the heart.

Reading over this list of ingredients, a trend should become pretty clear. Alpilean has carefully selected these supplement ingredients to maximize their supplement’s effectiveness at regulating core body temperature. Some new supplement consumers might overlook, however, the extensive list of additional benefits promoted by this unique combination of ingredients. As a site that has reviewed a number of supplements in the past, we were impressed to read about the solid combination of common and uncommon ingredients used in Alpilean.

Turmeric and Ginger are pretty usual supplement ingredients, as their weight loss benefits have been scientifically supported for decades. But we were extremely excited to see some novel ingredients like Golden Algae and Dika Nut make an appearance on this list.

In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at the scientific support backing Alpilean and its star-studded list of ingredients.

Scientific Support for Alpilean

We’ll start with the easy ones: turmeric and ginger have been scientifically shown to improve weight loss when taken in moderate doses and combined with diet and exercise. One consolidation of studies published on Healthline finds that turmeric’s anti-inflammation and antioxidative properties make it an excellent tool for people who are looking to lose weight. In fact, 21 separate studies conducted over multiple years all concluded that people who take turmeric regularly experienced a lower BMI and a decreased waist size compared to those who took no turmeric.

The story is much the same with Ginger, another key ingredient in Alpilean. Ginger might help to suppress the appetite and help us stay full for a longer period of time. Another Healthline article consolidates the research and concludes that Ginger, as well as lemon, can help people to stay healthy and stay fuller longer after eating. There seems to be a relatively significant scientific consensus that taking Ginger as a supplement can help to improve weight loss results, especially in individuals who are already working on improving their diet and exercise routines.

After including the two power-house ingredients above, Alpilean sought to set itself apart from other competitors in the supplement industry by introducing us to some relatively new supplement ingredients. In almost every case, emerging scientific research demonstrates that this new company has made the right call. In particular, one double-blind study concludes that taking Dika Nut can improve weight loss outcomes in both men and women. As is often the case, the study includes the caveat that a healthy diet and regular exercise can help to guarantee the kind of results that most consumers want when they try to lose weight.

When we sat down to research all six ingredients in the Alpilean repertoire, we found that the claims made by this company are largely true. While the scientific community is generally split on whether or not alternative medicines can provide the kind of results that their manufacturers like to claim, one thing is not up for debate: taking these ingredients can help to boost the progress you’re already making on your weight loss journey.

We always like to caution readers that no supplement is foolproof. Every ingredient used in Alpilean has been found to be completely safe to eat, and each ingredient comes with at least some scientific backing. All in all, we found that Alpilean has put together a solid list of ingredients that can help consumers lose more weight than they would if they used none of the ingredients.

Does this mean that using Alpilean once per day will lead to twenty pounds of weight loss in a month? Probably not. To see those kinds of results, consumers need to combine their use of the supplement with a routine of regular exercise, as well as a healthy diet low on empty calories. This is why we generally prefer that our readers view weight loss supplements as aids; they are meant to supplement your current weight loss efforts, not replace them entirely.

Still, our deep-dive into the science behind Alpilean was promising. The science is on the side of the supplement.

Who is Behind Alpilean?

We sometimes review supplements that are created by shady companies. As a general rule, we like to see that a company marketing a weight loss formula is working with at least one medical professional. Ideally, supplement companies should have several doctors and respected weight loss experts weighing in throughout the manufacturing (and the marketing) process. Our research led us to conclude that this is the case for Alpilean, a company that works closely with a number of medical experts throughout their manufacturing and design process.

Alpilean was founded by Zach Miller, a high school teacher living in Texas. Miller had the idea for this product after researching weight loss solutions. He came across a method used in the Alpines which had purportedly been lost to history. When he designed this product, he claims to have tapped into a secret wisdom and revived an ancient path to simple and natural weight loss. While we cannot verify the truth of this story of the ancient history of Alpilean’s strategy, we do know that the core scientific concepts behind the formula are true.

Doctor Matthew Gibbs is the main doctor on board with the Alpilean project. He is billed as an anti-aging and metabolism specialist. This makes sense; we can see his influence on the ingredients chosen for Alpilean, which seem poised to help aging consumers improve their bodies in a number of ways. We verified that Gibbs’ credentials seem to be true, and we anticipate that his influence has been helpful in making Alpilean a uniquely effective supplement.

Aside from Gibbs and Miller, three other professionals are part of the Alpilean team: Dr. Patala, a medical advisor who works with multiple major brands, turmeric expert Professor Anders, and ginger expert Professor Lubanzi.

Together, these medical experts provide us with one of the most robust manufacturing teams we’ve ever seen for a weight loss supplement. While we generally caution consumers to carefully research anyone they purchase a supplement from, our own deep-dive concluded that Alpilean has sought out some of the top weight loss experts in the world for their project team.

Alpilean: How to Buy

To purchase Alpilean, we recommend going straight to the source. The Alpilean product website offers the best deals on the product, and consumers who want to save the most money possible can take advantage of their larger packages, which offer substantial discounts.

You can find Alpilean’s official product website here: []


  • 1 Bottle (30-Day Supply): $59/Bottle
  • 3 Bottles (90-Day Supply): $49/Bottle + 2 Free Bonuses
  • 6 Bottles (180-Day Supply): $39/Bottle + 2 Free Bonuses +Free Shipping

As you can see, purchasing multiple bottles at once provides the best price per bottle. This is usually the case for weight loss supplements. Still, we don’t recommend buying several month supplies unless you’re absolutely sure you want to stick with the Alpilean routine. The two bonus items are eBooks to help speed up the weight loss process. They are listed as:

  • Bonus 1: 1-Day Kickstart Detox  – (20) 15-second detox tea recipes to help cleanse and flush the body
  • Bonus 2: Renew You – Techniques to help ease the mind and reduce stress

You only need to take one pill per day of Alpilean to see results, and each bottle has thirty pills. This makes each bottle enough for one month of once-daily use.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that consumers probably have quite a few questions about Alpilean. Read on for some answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about this new weight loss formula.

Q: Is Alpilean all-natural?

A: Yes. Every ingredient we surveyed from the official ingredient list for Alpilean is completely natural. Ingredients like turmeric and ginger are commonly used natural ingredients in weight loss formulas, and the other ingredients on the Alpilean list are unaltered and natural.

Q: Is Alpilean safe to take?

A: Absolutely. While we always recommend speaking to your physician before trying any new supplement, none of the ingredients in this formula are considered unsafe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Taking too much of Alpilean might lead to adverse side effects, so we recommend sticking to the recommended daily dosage.

Q: How do you take Alpilean?

A: Alpilean comes packaged in pills, so you only need to take one pill per day to experience the positive effects of this supplement. Taking more is generally not advised. In addition to wasting your money, it might lead to small side effects.

Q: Who should take Alpilean?

A: Alpilean is safe to take for nearly anyone. We don’t recommend giving this supplement to children without consulting a primary care physician, and elderly people who are on medication should also talk to their doctor before taking any new supplement.

Q: What are the side effects of Alpilean?

A: We haven’t heard of any side effects associated with this supplement. Generally, you should speak to your physician if you experience ill effects, including diminished energy levels, after taking a new supplement. Significantly exceeding your recommended daily dose of a given compound could lead to side effects, so be sure to stick to the recommended doses when taking Alpilean.

Final Thoughts: Is Alpilean Worth It?

While we’ve reviewed quite a few sketchy supplements over the years, it seems that Alpilean might be the real deal. This supplement is being manufactured by a team of scientists and medical experts, and its ingredient list is both natural and scientifically proven to help people lose weight. While we doubt that the supplement can help consumers lose belly fat without additional diet and exercise, Alpilean appears to be an excellent way to supercharge your existing weight loss efforts. If you want to learn more about Alpilean and if it can be a useful weight loss tool for your own health, visit their official website at

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