“The purpose of this site is to provide a repository for quality information about health, medicine, doctors and other healthcare providers and services.

We believe that knowledge is the “drug of choice” for the treatment of any illness and will publish patient education articles on a wide variety of health and medical issues.

Current annual healthcare costs in the USA exceed 1.2 Trillion dollars. Almost 70% of this money is spent treating diseases that can be prevented by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Our goal is to help motivate you, and guide you, on your quest towards better health (“Wellness”).

Our website is brought to you solely through the generosity of the local healthcare providers listed in our Providers section.  We have refused outside sponsorship in order to keep our information unbiased.

We have nothing to sell, but plenty to give.”

Charles H. Booras, M.D.
Editor and Co-Founder
Jacksonville Medical Park Online
Nominated, 1999 Florida Medical Association “Physician Communicator of the Year”
Finalist, 1998 Excellence in Healthcare Awards