Tai Chi Chuan

What is “Tai Chi Chuan”?

Tai Chi Chuan (“Great Ultimate Fist”) is a beautiful martial art created several hundred years ago. The movements are performed with slow, controlled motions and complete concentration. Focusing on connecting the body and spirit by way of the mind, Tai chi Chuan is now being utilized to effectively reduce stress, promote internal peace and help in preventing disease.

Health Benefits

Medical studies have now proven that stress directly affects our immune system. In today's fast paced society, it is important for us to incorporate stress reduction techniques on a daily basis. We must “retrain” ourselves how to lower the stress to our bodies.

There have now been studies suggesting that Tai Chi Chuan helps in preventing disease. One stress-related disease is high blood pressure, which often leads to strokes and heart attacks. Doctors are now recommending exercise to patients rather than bed-rest. Tai Chi Chuan provides a low-impact workout, ideal for exercisers of all ages. When combined with your fitness or massage program, you have the added benefits of feeling centered and balanced.

Individual and Group Sessions

Instruction is available on an individual basis or in group sessions. Tai Chi Chuan is also being used quite effectively today as a Corporate Program for employees as stress reduction and general health and fitness.